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Marble Run!

This game was built as a school project (University of Ontario, Institute of Technology), and is presented “as is”. The game is playable, but the networking has a few bugs. No further work is planned.

The objective of the game is to race your friends to a goal space. When the goal is reached, all players advance to the next level, but only one has bragging rights.

Screen shot

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move.

Touching one of the rotating arrows in the level will cause your world to tilt until that arrow points straight down (this does not affect other players).

To play single player, host a game, you do not need an internet connection.

To play a multi-player game, one player will need to host the game and give their friends their IP address (using an instant messenger).


Brent Cowan – Programming, models, and texturing

Colin Sanders – Music

The background skies are the work of various artists found around the net (free for non-commercial use).

Download Marble Run!

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